Asking for a Bigger Church to make a Bigger Difference

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We are a growing diocese - Growing in Christ will lead us into the future

For many years we have been working to achieve growth in our diocese. We have used different ways to express this but the aim and direction of travel has remained the same – consistent with the whole of the Church of England. When Bishop Paul was installed he adopted our growth agenda refreshing it by saying ‘

we are asking God for a bigger church so we can make a bigger difference; more people knowing Jesus more justice in the world

This is how we express our mission.

We think we will achieve this mission if we have
  • 100 new congregations
  • 1,000 new leaders
  • 10,000 disciples

to help us do this we are calling every worshipping Christian in our diocese to
  1. Sign up to the Bishop of Liverpool’s rule of life which will encourage and support us to Read, Learn, Pray, Give, Serve, Tell
  2. Bring 1 person into the regular worshipping and serving life of the church #BringOneFriend
  3. Do 10 acts of service or find 10 new points of connection beyond the walls of the church #DoTenThings