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Ensuring good governance in the Church of England

The Church of England is governed by a parliament system known as Synod.  General Synod is the main legislative body of the church.  It usually meets twice a year to debate and set out the laws for the church.

As well as General Synod, each Diocese has its own Synod which makes local decisions about Diocesan policy.  We also have Deanery Synods which carry out a similar role in local areas.

These pages give more information about how each Synod works.
General Synod Election Results 2016
Results of the General Synod By Election 19th December 2016

Number to be elected 1

Valid votes 64

Invalid votes 0

Quota 32

eSTV Reg. 24713 1.49g

Election rules CofE


Steven McGanity 32 - Elected

Paul Rattigan 7

Simon Fisher 11

Nichola Milford 9

Gregory Sharples 5

Totals 64


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