St James' House on the path to becoming a registered Eco Church

We’re walking with you….

Our Diocesan HQ has begun the process to become a registered Eco Church as part of Bishop Paul’s ‘Going for Eco Diocese Gold mission’.

In March, Annie from Faiths4Change gave an introduction to Eco Diocese and supported staff to complete an ideas sharing activity. St James House has taken a number of quick win actions on office materials as a result including better processes for recycling printer toner cartridges, cardboard, IT equipment and paper.

All departments are now using an eco brick to fill with non recyclable clean plastic wrapping. Once full these are being given to Faiths4Change to use in community garden projects. Find out more about eco bricks here

Other ideas being explored include LED lighting, re-thinking the use of outside caterers (researching ones which take back packaging, use Fair Trade products and more) and more sustainable transport solutions. 

We also wanted to have some fun on our journey to becoming an Eco Church so Faiths4Change coordinated a swap shop at St James House and employees generously brought in over 1/3 tonne of unwanted items for others to take away.  Many colleagues attended on the day enjoying home-made cakes, truffles and a Fair Trade cup of tea while browsing the unwanted books, CD’s, clothing & shoes, pictures, baking kits and much more.  Items that were left over were taken to Northwood Community Centre, Kirkby by Faiths4Change to share as part of their Green Up Northwood project monthly pop up swap shops.

Swap shops are a great way to engage people, no money is needed and there is no pressure to bring anything to be able to take away, if you’d like more information or support, please contact
Have you registered your church as an Eco Church?
27 of our amazing churches have now registered and are taking steps to complete their award including

1. Praying and talking about becoming an Eco Church regularly –making it part of worship & teaching
2. Encouraging keen people in the Church to share ideas and take on actions such as only purchasing Fair Trade refreshments or using crockery rather than disposable cups
3. Making a simple plan to work through more challenging areas

Would you like to meet with churches who have registered?  Does your church need a helping hand to begin the Eco Church journey?  Join us to share the challenges and gain some evidence to help you on your way….

Our first Eco Diocese Drop In will be hosted by the lovely folk at St James in the City, Upper Parliament Street, Liverpool L8 1UR with Faiths4Change on Saturday 25th May 10.30am – 12.30pm –completely free & no booking required. 

A warm welcome to Eco Church / Eco Diocese and Just Love; informal space to discuss and share, fair trade cuppas and a few simple waste reducing activities including Eco Bricks to try and take back to inspire your congregation, community or church leadership.

St James in the City will be hosting a Craft Fair from 1pm too, so lots of reasons to join us.  For more information, contact Faiths4Change on 0151 705 2111 or email