In the Beginning the Relationship: The Trinity Reconsidered

Monday April 24th, May 8th 2017 - 7.30pm

The Blessed Trinity, the age old teaching about God as Father, Son and Holy Spirit, remains a foundational doctrine of Christianity. Often it baffles us or is just accepted as a mystery of faith, seemingly without practical or pastoral relevance to our lives. To delve into the Christian past however is to discover that some of the best teachers and mystics depicted the Trinity as a dynamic and exciting relationship rather than a difficult philosophical idea. They drew instead on the image of the dance and spoke of a divine choreography in which the very being of God the Holy One is formed through relationship, the movement of love in which we are invited to participate. This energy flows through and sustains all created things and we are invited, as St. Paul puts it, to become ‘coworkers with God’ (Romans 8.28) in the never-ending story of redeeming the world and our lives within it.

Over two linked evenings we shall try to understand this relationship between human beings and God more deeply. Beginning with the writings of the Franciscan priest and contemplative Fr. Richard Rhor, the meetings will also introduce a number of spiritual practices that can help us to discover the Trinity in everyday lives and relationships and the created order all around us.

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