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We are committed to supporting and developing your ministry. As a condition of your licence your Bishop will look for evidence of your commitment to ongoing training and development. Here are the basic ways we support you.

Annual Reader Conference 2017

Spen Webster, Warden of Readers, writes:

'What a great and memorable day for Readers and our annual conference which was well attended. Bishop Martyn's presentation is now available here.

Thanks to all who attend and contributed to the day as we also said farewell to Rev Arthur Cooper who retires in January 2018. A gift was presented to him and Kathleen at the end of the conference.

Summer Study Evenings - 5th/12th/19th June 2018
Being the Church in Apocalyptic Times.
Summer Study Evenings 5th 12th & 19th June
Select Stadium Widnes

Join us for an exciting, informative series of presentations exploring how the church can live through apocalyptic times. 

Three speakers will explore different aspects of this challenging theme
  • the practical response to Grenfell Tower with Revd Mike Long (in conversation with Canon Dr Rod Garner) - 5th June
  • how apocalyptic practices in scripture illuminate current practice with Professor Kenneth Newport - 12th June
  • how contemporary culture offers threats and possibilities for mission with Dr Andrew Crome - 19th June
This series strikes at the very heart of who Readers are in their calling and in their pastoral ministry, meeting need on the frontline of our parishes. 

Our Speakers
  • Revd. Mike Long, Minister of Notting Hill Methodist Church will speak about the Grenfell Tower fire, its impact on the local community and churches and the unfolding lessons it has for his congregation.
  • Professor Kenneth Newport of Liverpool Hope University will speak about the apocalyptic themes to be found in Scripture and how they can aid and illuminate our current practices.
  • Dr. Andrew Crome, Lecturer at Manchester Metropolitan University will speak about contemporary culture in relation to its threats and possibilities for our mission.

The evenings are open to ministerial and lay colleagues, so please think about bringing someone along with you.

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Readers AGM and Licensing 29th September 2018
Our Annual General Meeting is an essential way for Readers across our diocese to find our the shape of our ministry and connect with fellow Readers across our diocese. We will have worship, a number of presentations, updates and Q & A sessions during the morning.

Tea and Coffee available from 11am. Main meeting 11.30am (Please bring your own lunch tea and coffee provided.)

Reader Licensing: 3pm in the main cathedral

Bishop Paul will license the candidates to Reader Ministry. We welcome them, their families, friends and congregations to this service.
Annual Conference - 18th November 2018
As well as hearing from an excellent speaker the annual confenerce provides continuing professional development opportunities for Readers, a chance to network and opportunity to resource your ministry.

Arrivals from 9:30am with refreshments and lunch provided.

We look forward to welcome all Readers.

Select Stadium
Lower House Lane

More details to follow.