A parish officer

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There are a range of roles a ministries that help run a successful parish. Here we help make it easier for you to fulfil some of them

If you volunteer to work in our parishes then thank you. Without your time, your gifts and your selfless dedication, it would be a lot harder to further the mission of God. We recognise that serving God in this way can be difficult. There are plenty of legal responsibilities and church regulations that you will need to follow.

We can't get rid of everything but where we can we will make it easier for you to carry out your role. We are committed to making processes simpler and giving you clear information. We will aim to interpret policies to help you work out what you need to do.

To start with we have information and links to support that make it easier for
  • Church Wardens
  • Secretaries
  • Church Treasurers
  • Church Safeguarding officers
  • Parish administrators
We will keep these pages updated and, where necessary, hold training and events that make it easier for you to fulfill your role