It’s a gift to have a spiritual director and such a privilege to be one

Sharon Boden became a spiritual director after completing the spiritual direction course earlier this year. Sharon talks to us about her journey to become a spiritual director. Married with two grown-up children, she celebrated her 35th wedding anniversary in October. She works for the Joshua Centre, supporting new congregations.

Why did you want to train as a spiritual director?

“I had seen an advert for the course the year before and felt a nudging but life circumstances were such that it wasn’t the right time. A year on and I had noticed that people kept coming to me - asking me to listen and help discern what God was saying to them.

“At times I felt ill-equipped to do this. Close prayer partners when I asked what they thought about me doing the course said ‘go for it, you are doing it already’.”

What do you believe is the importance of spiritual direction?

“I believe that having spiritual direction is important as it gives you time and space to share what you think God is saying or how your spiritual walk is going with someone who is both listening to you and to God for you.

“A spiritual director walks alongside you without judgement or agenda. This is invaluable for all Christians, it is such a gift to have a spiritual director and such a privilege to be one.”
What would you say to someone who’s contemplating becoming a spiritual director, if they feel unsure about taking the next step?

“If you feel that God is nudging you, and others are coming to you or suggesting you do this course, push the door and see. I was a little wary and unsure beforehand that I wasn’t ‘qualified’ enough to do it.

“I was worried that everyone else would be ordained or have lots of theological training – some were, some weren’t – but it didn’t matter we were all learning a new skill together and learning with and from each other.

“The surprising thing about the course for me was that I didn’t just learn how to be a spiritual director, but I gained a rich array of different ways of praying and connecting with God. I also got a spiritual director and my own spiritual life has deepened and grown too.”

The next spiritual direction course starts in January 2019 and you can find the details here.

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