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Whether or not we live and work in a diverse area, the virtual presence of other world faiths is continually present to us through the media.

The Church of England has developed a national response to our multi-religious context known as 'Presence and Engagement'.

This is headed by the Archbishops' National Advisor for Interfaith Affairs and has a website  and a network of interfaith advisors and centres. The Centre for the North of England is in Bradford, which providea training and resources, particularly for the northern cities.

There are also various useful guidelines and reports on inter-religious dialogue, inter-religious marriage, the use of church buildings for worship by non-CofE groups, countering racism, and some funding possibilities for interfaith community work. These are available from the Presence and Engagement site resources page and are added to regularly.

For interfaith issues please contact Nadine Daniel, Inter Faith Advisor. Nadine Daniel (0151 702 7237) Email:

A Presence and Engagement Network for those parishes with the highest percentage of representatives of other faiths has been formed.

The Church of England has established the Presence and Engagement intiative to encourage and support the mission and ministry of parishes and other Anglican communities in multi religious contexts.

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