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How you can grow your church

Growth is not just something that happens. It needs prayerful thought and sustained effort.  While every  church grows in a different manner, acccording to its context and tradition, we have tools and suppport to help them in their efforts.

The Growth Planning Framework

The best starting place for any church is the Growth Planning Framework. Working through this simple to use assessment guide enables parishes to reflect on their welcome, worship, discipleship among other areas. Use this first to help discern your strengths and weaknesses as a church. Find out more here.

Anglican Witness

Anglican Witness is the Evangelism and Church Growth Initiative of the Anglican Communion, a one stop shop resource hub for church growth, discipleship, youth and children ministry, and other forms of evangelism.  Linda Jones serves on the core group.  Check out their website and subscribe to the newsletter.

Ideas for growth

We have plenty of ideas to help you grow your church. These include
You can find our more ways on these pages

Helping you grow

Our Growth Team can support you in all aspects of your growth journey. To find out more contact:

Linda Jones
Director of Mission

Sandra Holmes
Mission and Pastoral Officer

Sue Mitchell
Children and Families Missioner

Chris Leggett
Assistant to Mission and Pastoral Officer