'Giving it all away – resourcing others'

Ed Down, Assistant Curate at St James in the City tells us why they wanted to become an ‘Eco Church’.

“We have always had a strong emphasis on social justice at St James, partly because of our location on the edge of L1 and L8, and partly because we think it is an important part of helping to grow God's kingdom. Tee (one of our congregation) works for a student social justice charity called JustLove and we have a number of students who come to St James who are also involved. Tee suggested we take the survey to see how we were doing as a church so we sat down in December to do it together.

Additionally, we did some work on the church in Summer 2018 to put in two toilets and a kitchen. A decision we took then was to use as much recycled and low-plastic consumables as we could in the new facilities as part of our care for God's earth.”

St James in the City's approach and focus centres on the idea of 'Giving it all away - resourcing others' Ed explains more:
“We are a church full of young leaders and potential young leaders; in fact we started to play a significant role in reaching students and young professionals and to grow them in their faith and leadership.
But, we don't want to hold onto the resources and people we have just for ourselves. We have people, time, and resources that can be a gift to the wider church in Liverpool so we want to keep looking outside our four walls as a church. Our values are to LOVE God, LIVE together as a community, GROW to be more like Jesus, SERVE to make a real difference in Liverpool and beyond, and BUILD God's kingdom.”
Ed and the team at St James hope to encourage and inspire others by showing that it's quite easy to get started on this journey. A few key decisions (such as Fairtrade tea and coffee, low plastic toilet rolls etc) make a real difference when you use them week-in, week-out.

“We are a church with a big emphasis on encounter with God and hearing from his word but that does not mean that care for God's creation cannot also be an important emphasis for us. Making a bigger difference in the world is really important for churches of all types.

After taking the survey, we know what areas we are strong in and what areas need improvement. We have developed some 'quick wins' - easy next steps for us to take as a church to improve our Eco Church rating and to help make it a bigger topic of conversation as a church.

For example, we are doing some work on the internal look and feel of our church in the summer and part of that will be new noticeboards. We are going to dedicate space to what we are doing as a church to care for God's creation and to what the congregation can do to share responsibility for this.”

'Making a bigger difference in the world is really important for churches of all types'

Eco Diocese Update – March 2019
Congratulations to newly registered Eco Churches
St Thomas, Eccleston, St Helen’s
St David’s Church, Carr Mill, St Helen’s
St James with St Matthews in St Helens


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