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If you are an existing Reader then these pages are for you as we have information for you.

You can find 
  • Your Reader's Handbook
  • The forms you need for your ministry
  • Details about permission to officiate
  • Your annual return form
  • Details on Chaplains to Readers

The support doesn't end once you are licensed. We offer information, events and ongoing training as you develop your Reader ministry with us.

Your Incumbents and Reader Handbook
We have developed a handbook for incumbents and Readers. We hope it
  • helps you understand the role of Reader
  • provides you information about Reader selection and training
  • reminds us all of the diverse gifts and rich ministry you can bring as a Reader
  • helps all foster good relations in ministry teams and individual parishes
  • gives you guidance on reconciliation where there is misunderstanding or breakdown in relationships.

Download your Incumbents and Readers Handbook here


Within this Section

Permission to Officiate

When a Reader reaches the age of 70 they require Permission to Officiate (PTO).

If you are approaching that age you will need to ask the Bishop of Warrington for permission for the next three years to officiate in your parish.

Download our Guidance: Permission to Officiate