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We have some beautiful buildings and some tremendous challenges. We need to balance the mission needs of our churches with the heritage aspects of owning some of the most beautiful properties in the region.

These pages give advice on how you can make the best use of your church building.

If you are looking to do any work to your building or want advice on a whole range of building related matters then this section should be your first port of call. 

As well as general advice and support on buildings you will find sections explaining:-
  • The Diocesan Advisory Committee and the Faculty Process
  • Quinquennial Inspections and the work that emerges from them
  • A range of useful leaflets covering health and safety topics including 
    - Working at Height
    - Electrical Safety
    - Personal Safety
  • The support we can offer those maintaining historic buildings
We want to help make sure our buildings are assets rather than millstones helping us in our mission. These pages show you how.

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