You don't fatten a pig by weighing it

Looking at the stories behind the growth and mission statistics

That challenging aphorism is one that sticks with Janice Hill as she embarks on a new project for the St James House Growth Team.  Although it’s grandly titled the Missional Analysis Support Project, Janice, former Team Vicar North Meols Team, Southport, is clear that this project is not about number crunching.“We have some information through the mission return forms which is great”  explains Janice, “but for this project,  I am more interested in the qualitative information and getting the stories behind the numbers”.

Part of her role from now until March will be contacting parishes to find out what are the stories behind the statistics on fresh expressions and missional communities that we have collated.  “It’s about sharing good practice and not reinventing the wheel” said Janice “I know from my time in parish that I have slaved away at developing a mission opportunity only to find out that someone else had done some groundwork I could have adapted”.

Having that knowledge is vital and Janice will be building a database of good practice and ideas where people can find out what works, what doesn’t, what is challenging and what can be adapted. And once we have the information we will be looking at how to support and help others in our diocese.It’s all about supporting growth.  

But for now Janice is looking forward to having the conversations and finding out the stories behind the statistics.

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What happens next?

Janice is making connections with a range of projects and will be bulding the banks of knowledge for the benefit of our diocese. And we will report progress over the next few months. 

In the meantime if your parish is looking for support on a range of growth measures then go to