Woodward Charitable Trust funding

Each year the trustees of the Woodward Charitable Trust set aside funds for summer playschemes for children between the ages of 5-16 years

The trustees review applications in May
Specific deadlines for applications are posted on the Diary page of their website. Trustees will only consider appeals made on their own Children’s Summer Playscheme Application Form.

Project budgets must be submitted with all applications whether they are via the website, email or post. The application form should be completed without exceeding one page. If supplementary information is sent this should be separate from the information requested by the Trustees on their form.

Grants can only be paid to registered charities. If you are not a registered charity, please give full name and address of a registered charity who has agreed to accept a grant on your behalf. Please note we will need a copy of their most recent audited accounts.

Most grants awarded are in the range of £500 to £1,000. Around 35 grants are made each year.

Preference is given to:
  • small local playschemes that provide a wide-ranging programme of activities
  • schemes that involve a large number of children
  • schemes catering for those from disadvantaged backgrounds or that have a disability
  • schemes that are inclusive such as projects that work with children from a range of backgrounds, abilities and race
  • schemes where past users are encouraged to come back and help as volunteers.
Trustees will not fund:
  • trips that are only social. Trustees prefer to fund trips that are educational and motivational.
  • charities whose annual turnover exceeds £100,000
  • overseas projects
  • playgroups
  • individuals in any capacity
  • educational fees
Child Protection Policy
All application forms must be accompanied by your Child Protection Policy. Your policy should be emailed to contact@woodwardcharitabletrust.org.uk

It should be noted that these are guidelines rather than rules. Potential applicants may telephone Karin Hooper, on 020 7410 0330 to discuss their work only if they think it might meet the Trustees’ criteria and seek further advice. Trustees are keen to spare charities the wasted time involved in applying when there is no prospect of success.

To apply for funding you will be required to complete an application form and submit a project budget. Download the Children’s Summer Playscheme Application Form and then email the completed document, along with the other requirements, to contact@woodwardcharitabletrust.org.uk