Joy in diocese as Synod votes in favour of Women Bishops

Bishop Richard rejoices at the vote in General Synod

Bishop Richard has expressed reacted to General Synod's vote in favour of legislation to enable the creation of Women Bishops

Bishop Richard said "The long awaited day has finally come and I rejoice for my excellent female colleagues, many who despaired that this would ever happen. The Church of England now needs to work hard to translate this historic moment into action. We now have the opportunity to welcome women into the college of Bishops and I for o
ne would want this to happen as swiftly as possible. I believe it will greatly benefit our church to have the voice and experience of our excellent women priests at the most senior level in the Church of England.

I appreciate the deep theological problems this decision will cause a small number in the church but I believe those who object to women’s ministry have been adequately provided for. I will work alongside any Christian to further God’s mission

Clearly in our diocese we do not foresee having a vacancy for Bishop but we have a long tradition of affirming women’s ministry. I will do all in my power to assure that this continues, that we continue to find ways to promote, support, celebrate and affirm the excellent ministry from our talented women priests and advance this in whatever way is feasible.

This is a joyful day. A day I celebrate alongside our wonderful women priests as we look forward to a bold future for the Church of England. And I look forward to the next joyful day when I witness the consecration of the first Woman Bishop."

Meanwhile the Dean of Liverpool, Pete Wilcox commented "This is a good day for the Church and for the Gospel.  Of course, the outcome is not a happy one for all members of our Church, and we hold before God in loving prayer those for whom the outcome of the vote is a disappointment."