Women Bishops - Statement from the Bishop Of Warrington

The Rt Rev Richard Blackburn has issued the following statement following yesterday's vote in Synod.

The Bishop of Warrington, The Rt Rev Richard Blackburn has issued the following statement.

“I am deeply disappointed, indeed seriously shocked, that General Synod failed to vote for the Ordination of Women Bishops. After lengthy consultations, 42 out of 44 Dioceses, showed their clear support for this measure – including of course the Diocese of Liverpool where the votes in all three Houses of Laity, Clergy and Bishops showed a clear and substantial majority in favour. I am feeling particularly distressed that the Church will now have to wait even longer for us to receive the blessing of women in Episcopal leadership: we have some outstanding, fine and talented women priests and I was looking forward to some of them joining us in the College of Bishops.

I do hope and pray that a way will be found of putting into force the firmly and clearly expressed view of the overwhelming majority of the Church of England without an unnecessarily long and protracted delay. In the meantime, I hope that here in the Diocese of Liverpool our parishioners and my fellow clergy will go out of their way to express their deep appreciation of our women priests and join with me in making this a special day of prayer in thanksgiving for their ministry.”

Bishop Richard
Bishop of Warrington