We want to empower and encourage all women

This first event in what is being described as ‘just the beginning of a long term plan’ was organised by Dean of Woman’s Ministry Sam Nicholson with the aim of helping to empower and encourage ordained women.

We spoke to Suzanne Matthews, Learning Manager for curacy and LifeCall about how this initial event is the start of developing Liverpool Diocese’s plan to grow vocation in women and girls.

40 ordained women attended the Women Inspiring Women event last Thursday evening. Invited by Sam Nicholson, the aim of the evening was to start a conversation and to empower and encourage women in supporting each other.

The speakers included Archdeacon Jennifer who shared her story of vocation and inspired women to be brave and courageous in following God’s call in their lives. Suzanne Matthews shared Liverpool Diocese’s plan to encourage and grow vocation for women and girls over the next few years, in particular during the launch year in 2017.

Suzanne told us “This first event was a gathering for ordained women but it is the start of a bigger conversation really and is a call for all women both ordained and lay to get involved.”

Speaking about the atmosphere of the event, Suzanne continued “It was a really encouraging event. There was an opportunity for women to chat over some wine and cake and to network, start discussions and build each other up. As women we recognise that although steps have been made, gender inequality still exists. We need to help each other to encourage, strengthen and open our eyes to God’s bigger plan.”

“We want to help empower and encourage all women. We want to see more opportunities for ordained women into senior leadership positions, things like greater flexibility and more part time work to make ministry possible for women of all ages.”

If you would like to know more and become involved with future events please contact Suzanne.Matthews@liverpool.anglican.org