The importance of accurate attendance data

Data collected from parishes will take on increased importance this year as they form the basis of calculations for revised Parish Share system.

Parishes who haven't completed their quarterly attendance returns are being urged to ahead of the new Parish Share system being implemented for January 2016.

Most parishes in our diocese are on top of the quarterly returns which measure average Sunday and weekday attendance. We thank you for that and your diligence in collecting the information which reveals much about the health of the church in our diocese.

As the panel below shows the need for accurate data has become increasingly important .So we remain pledged to make it as easy as possible with all the forms you need available here  It is a simple task once you are on top of it and stay on top of the collection and return.

We will contact parishes who aren’t supplying data to ensure that they come into line with the rest of our diocese.  But now is the time to get your data in order and supply us with accurate information to help us to determine accurate Parish Share calculations.
The revision to the Parish Share system
Synod approved a revision of the current system of Parish Share to start in 2016.

One of the major changes was to include in the calculations Average Weekly Attendance to take into account the growth of midweek services. Our intention is to include congregations where we have regular givers we also want to make sure that we are not including twice those members who regularly come to more than one service a week. Finally our calculations will be averaged over a five year period so as not to penalise or discourage churches who look to grow congregations. 

Find out more in an extract from the Parish Share paper to Synod 

While this system is being phased in over time getting accurate data is vital. Without it everyone’s calculations suffer and we have a distorted picture of life in the parishes. We thank you for your efforts but urge every parish to continue to supply accurate data.

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