We are adopted in God’s family

Ahead of our next LifeCall event we spoke to Krish Kandiah who comes from the Christian charity Home For Good about his passion for adoption and fostering, the call God can place on us to look at the vocation to bring others into our family

Krish Kandiah strongly believes that Christians have missed some of the significance of what it truly means to be adopted in God’s family. The sense of being able to be father to the fatherless in the model of a God who is father to us all is a real strong call on his life. It was his wife who was initially more passionate about fostering but a real sense that God was calling him to offer love and support to children has ultimately driven him to establish the Home for Good charity.

For him the fostering and adoption journey has brought him into a closer connection to God. He acknowledges that it can be tough at times but there is a real joy in being able to act as a strong positive, stabilising influence on a young person’s life.

Krish sees this as being the worship that God wants “we see worship as a time of singing and praying together which is fine,” he explains “but if we look at the scary passages of Isaiah 1 or James 1 we see that the worship God wants, that he sees as pure and blameless is to care for the widows and orphans. That’s a challenge we must take seriously”

Krish will be in Liverpool on March 17th as part of our LifeCall: Longing and Belonging event which will also explore what for many in the church remains the taboo subject of infertility. Krish will be inspiring us as a church to understand how God calls us a church to take adoption seriously and change church culture to help those called to adopt. With the clear challenge that if every church had a member to foster or adopt one child then the current shortage of placements would be easily eased, now is a time to think and pray this through.

Krish is realistic. “I know that not every Christian will feel the call to foster and adopt but we can all support those who do,” he contends. He cites the small changes every church can make to help understand the needs of fostered and adopted children who may have more challenging behaviour issues and learning needs that we are not, as a church, often equipped to deal with. So can we all be flexible enough to provide a Christ like welcome to adopted children and foster families.

He doesn’t pull punches in his passionate advocacy of fostering and adoption. But he does provide inspiring stories – such as the group of joiners in a church congregation who offered their services free to others in the community who needed adaptations to enable them to foster and adopt.

But above all it is worth hearing the passion and commitment of someone who believes that as we are all adopted in God’s family then that places a LifeCall on us to foster and adopt more of God’s children.

Next week we talk to Revd Sonya Doragh who continues to experience infertility after 17 years of marriage and has completed MA research into female infertility in the Bible

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Krish is married to Miriam and has four primary school aged children and also fosters babies. Krish has a keen interest in movies, photography, rock music and Liverpool FC. Krish is founder and director of Home for Good and president of the London School of Theology. http://www.krishk.com/bio/

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LifeCall: Children, longing and belonging
March 17th 2015

Sir Giles Gilbert Scott Suite
Liverpool Cathedral
(entrance from car park)
St James Mount
Liverpool L1 7AZ

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