Warrington Street Pastors step up their patrols thanks to new recruits

Back in October last year we reported on a successful first year for the Warrington Street Pastors. Since then they have been busy training up new volunteers with the aim of increasing their patrols. We caught up with John Britton, chairman of the trustees:

There are currently seven new volunteers in training and as a result of this the Street Pastors are planning to add Saturday night patrols in addition to their weekly Friday night into Saturday morning patrols. Over the next few months the frequency of the Saturday night patrols will increase from one Saturday night each month to every week as soon as they have sufficient fully trained volunteers.

John Britton, chairman of the trustees said “A typical patrol starts with a time of prayer at our base in Holy Trinity Church Warrington, this Friday the prayers were led by Mrs Kathryn Preece who continued to support us in prayer and to make tea and coffee for the Street Pastors on their twenty minute break at one thirty in the morning.

On Friday night through to Saturday morning Acting Chief Constable Janette McCormick was out on the streets with us to experience things from the ‘other side of the fence’, I am sure she found the experience both illuminating as well as tiring. It was great to get to know her better and share our ideas for expanding the work of Warrington Street Pastors and at the same time reducing the workload of the local constabulary.

Then on Saturday night into Sunday morning Chief Inspector Alan Fairclough joined us for our first Saturday night patrol. It was somewhat amusing when he was accosted by a rather inebriated chap and asked if he were ‘a copper’ to hear him say that he was learning how to be a Street Pastor.
It really is a tremendous encouragement for our teams of volunteers to have such senior officers accompanying them from time to time.”

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