Use your harvest service to support your local foodbank

Bishop Paul lends his support to our annual campaign to support those in need.

The Bishop of Liverpool is encouraging parishes and schools to use their harvest services to help support their local foodbank. This is something we have encouraged over the last few years with a great response from across our diocese.

Bishop Paul said "Harvest reminds us that we worship a bountiful God and that we are freely given what we need. This in a world where as Gandhi said there is enough for everyone’s need, but not for everyone’s greed. I know over many years churches and schools have responded to God's generosity though their donations to Foodbanks. This summer has shown us the need is greater than ever and so I want to encourage all churches and schools in our diocese to use this harvest to support their local Foodbank. In this way we can start to make a bigger difference to so many”

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Harvest Resources from Feeding Liverpool

Feeding Liverpool is an ecumenical partnership of Christians involved in foodbanks in Liverpool which aims to help build the capacity of foodbanks to meet the needs of those who are hungry in their area; positively change attitudes towards those who use foodbanks; and to work to change policy to end the need for foodbank.

They have produced resources for the harvest services which you can download here

Tell us your harvest stories

We’d love to hear your stories and find out how much support you were able to give your local foodbank. Send your stories to and we will publish them in future weeks.