Top tips for helping people dealing with financial issues

Julia Webster has put together her 5 top tips for workers and volunteers when helping people dealing with money matters.

  1. Unless you are a trained money or debt adviser do not attempt to give anyone financial advice.  It is a highly regulated area and all advisors have to be registered with the Financial Conduct Authority.  However well- meaning you may be you could find yourself in serious trouble.
  2. Find out where your nearest advice services are, their opening hours and how they take referrals.  You will then be able to give meaningful and helpful information to people needing assistance.
  3. Do a budgeting course – the most basic budgeting course will enable you to put your money where you want it to go rather than wonder where it went! The Cash Smart Credit Savvy course will also enable you to help other people to work out their budgets.
  4. Start a saving account and encourage others to do the same, credit unions are a great way of saving and the money you save circulates within your local community.
  5. If you do find yourself in debt seek help as soon as possible from a free advice service such as Community Money Advice, Citizens Advice Bureau, Christians Against Poverty or Step Change.

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