The Diocese of Liverpool are going to the Big Church Day Out!

The Big Church Day Out gathers Christians from all over the country, of all ages and denominations for a weekend of worship, family fun, music and celebration.

This vibrant expression of church unity is enjoyed by thousands of guests every year, and stands as the biggest annual evangelistic event in the UK. Groups and families come from all across the country, bringing many of their un-churched friends and family along as an introduction to church and faith. It is the UK’s largest and fastest growing gathering of the church, expanding to two sites in 2017 at a time when church unity is more of a focus than ever before.

This year, the Big Church Day Out partners with ‘Thy Kingdom Come’, the national prayer initiative started in 2016 by Justin Welby, Archbishop of Canterbury. The Big Church Day Out North will be one of the 2017 Beacon events, falling on Pentecost weekend.

The Big Church Day Out’s vision for 2017 is one event in two locations, with 45,000 people coming together as one big family to worship and to celebrate all that is good.

To book your Church’s group please go to and use Group Plus to set up your booking. In just 10 clicks you can create the group and send out your invitations. The ticket prices will drop as more people respond to the invite and order their tickets. Payments will be taken at midnight on the closing date of your group. Please watch this easy-to-follow video to see how Group Plus works.