Terrific response to Parish Giving Scheme launch

The first Parish Giving Scheme introduction meeting was held on January 12th. We have received a terrific response so far and have collated some feedback from the churches that attended the first session.

Cath Gaskell, Finance Resources Officer said “the response to the Parish Giving Scheme has been terrific, 65 churches have signed up to the presentations so far. The benefits of time saving, improved cash flow and increased income are being enjoyed by those that have joined the scheme.”

We have collated feedback from the churches that attended the first session:

Thanks for an enjoyable presentation last night...... a big selling point is the opportunity to combat annual inflation and having arrived in a "negative" frame of mind, I left very "positive"!

Thanks again Cath for your presentation. It was clear and easy to understand. I also thought that you were very patient with those asking questions too! We were eager to join the scheme and have already passed it through the Church Council and completed the Registration form already.

Thanks for your presentation last night in Kitt Green, you did very well. We have a PCC meeting coming up on Thursday and we will be taking the Parish Giving Scheme forward. It will save us banking charges as Standing Order entries will be reduced and less cash will be banked as givers move to the new scheme.

As our treasurer and Gift Aid Secretary are getting older it is a relief to know that when we join this scheme it will save us time and it is pleasing to know the scheme will make the treasurer job and Gift Aid Secretary role easier to hand over to someone new as less work will be involved.

This is going to replace our envelope scheme that at the moment just lets people ’gift wrap loose change’ with a scheme that is up to date and will encourage people to think about their level giving.

This will be easy to promote to all our givers, all they need to do is take a few minutes to complete the gift form and it will ultimately save hours of work for the Gift Aid Secretary and our cash flow will improve as the Gift Aid payments will be up to date.

There are further dates available if you have not yet booked. View them here.