Surplus Church Silver

Advice on how to dispose of excess church silver

A church in Surrey is seeking to replace stolen communion plate. It is looking for the following items:

1.  Two chalices (8") and patens
2.  One chalice (6") and paten
3.  One ciborium (9" to finial)
4.  One ciborium – small (6")
5.  Wafer box – large
6.  Wafer box – small
7.  Flagon

If your church has surplus silver that you would like to consider selling please contact Steve Parish, DAC Chair, in the first instance

Depending on the individual circumstances, including when/by whom the items were donated, the DAC may consider recommending disposal. Full market value may be payable. A favourable factor in securing a faculty for disposal will be a clear demonstration by the PCC that the items are surplus to the church's requirements, and that the proceeds from the sale will be put to good use (such as being reserved for fabric repairs).