Statement on the Paris attacks

As leaders and representatives of the major faiths in Liverpool we stand together to condemn acts of violence such as we have seen in Paris over the weekend. No terrorist is ever truly acting in the name of religion and no religion supports the killing of innocents going about their lawful business. The terrorism we have seen recently in Paris, Beirut, Baghdad and other places has no place in the world.

As faith leaders and representatives we stand together to pray for, and work for peace. As people of faith in a cosmopolitan, welcoming city we want to a see a world where we can live peacefully alongside one another without prejudice or fear.

Issued jointly by the Bishop of Liverpool, the Archbishop of Liverpool and Merseyside Council of Faiths

Bishop Paul Bayes
Archbishop Malcolm McMahon 

Representatives of the Council

Levene, B, Mr
Russell, U, Mr
Pande DL, S, Dr
Coleman, D, Mr
Chaudhry, Z, Mr
Saleh, M, Mrs
Singh Sohal, H, Mr
Hall, I, Mrs
Lodge, P, Mr
Harris, E, Professor
Thompson, M, Dr
Vithlani, J
Schroder, C, Mr
Daniel, N, Mrs
Gogden, K
Anderson, S, Rev Dr
Khan, M
Pailing, C, Revd Dr