Spiritual Directors hold their first retreat this weekend.

This weekend Liverpool Diocese spiritual directors will hold a retreat in Parcevall Hall in North Yorkshire.

The retreat led by Sr Magdalen Lawler SND and Fr Tom McGuinness SJ will provide a time for meditation and reflection for the Diocese’s Spiritual Directors.

Rev Dawn Rev Dawn Harrison, Team Vicar and Schools Minister Up Holland Team who is Bishop’s Officer for Spiritual Direction explains:
“A spiritual director is a companion, an enabler, encourager, a fellow pilgrim on the spiritual journey, but also someone trained to help you discern God’s movements in your life as they listen to you, but also for God’s prompting during your sessions together.”

Currently, there are 46 spiritual directors in Liverpool Diocese and at the last count were, between them, seeing around 160 people.

She went on to add,
“Since its inception, we’ve seen amazing growth in Spiritual Direction, as so many people are discerning God's call on their life. On our last Spiritual Direction course, 19 people attended. People now recognise a spiritual director as someone who can offer a confidential, safe space to explore their calling.

We have listened to what directors are asking for and this weekend are putting on the first-ever retreat for spiritual directors and are responding to the request for continual professional development with sessions in 2018.”

If you’re interested in becoming a spiritual director, if you wish to deepen your relationship with God and think you’ll find spiritual direction helpful, please contact Rev Dawn Harrison.

Rev Dawn Rev Dawn Harrison, Team Vicar and Schools Minister Up Holland Team
T: 01695 728091

Margaret Short, Events Administrator, Lifelong Learning
T: 0151 705 2120