Sisters make vow of deep commitment

On Saturday 16th January, in his role as Bishop Visitor, Bishop Richard presided at the annual Vows Service of the Order of the Sisters of Jesus in the Choir of Liverpool Cathedral.

The Church of England acknowledged the Order in 2011. Its essence is the call to the Religious Life, not living in community but in the midst of everyday circumstances.
Its members vow as a first priority to search for the reality of the living God within whatever context they find themselves.  The relationship pattern can be either that of a vowed life as a married person or of the single, celibate life. As a part of that dedication, members live a formally consecrated life, expressed through daily prayer and through vows of faithfulness, simplicity and welcome.
At the heart of the Sisters’ vocation is an invitation to live out a life of kinship not based on either a sexual or family link but on their shared life in Christ: a call to being sisters (and perhaps brothers…) of Jesus and his Way. The aim is to live in relation to others in the group as if this were the case.
The challenge and the dream is to become committed one to another at a deeper level than that normally associated with friendship or fellowship; to search and to pray to know what the Spirit of God is saying to each person individually and corporately as part of his church; for each to discover their particular vocation and be enabled to respond as adults to the baptism prayer and exhortation, "to shine as a light in the world."
If you would like to find out more about The Order of the Sisters of Jesus, please visit their website.