Season of Invitation

All Saints with St Frideswyde used the season of invitation to invite people to their Harvest celebration.

Revd Kath Rogers from All Saints with St Frideswyde Thornton and Crosby explains that this year they sent season of invitation invites for Harvest instead of Back to Church Sunday.

There was both a parade in the morning and a special Songs of Praise with afternoon tea in the afternoon. Written invites were sent out to pastoral care contacts and older frailer members. They did invite people, they did enjoy themselves - 44 people had a lovely time.

Kath offered anointing at the service "to my amazement 18 people came up, including 6 guests, and I ministered to two in the pews. People were in tears, one declared his intention to come back to church after a gap of 50 years, and many asked when we would do it again."

"This built on our two years BTCS which has seen a few each time and some "sticking" – and was a really good experience for the church members too who enjoy putting on hospitality. Very thankful to a good God, good resources and a great gang."

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