School Leavers 2014 - Celebrate Bringing the Bible Alive

The Leavers’ Services for this year’s Year 6 pupils took place on Monday 23rd June, Tuesday 24th June and Wednesday 25th June. The theme this year was “Celebrate Bringing the Bible Alive”.

Over 3,000 pupils took part in the services over the three days. Monday’s service was led by The Bishop of Warrington. Tuesday saw Bishop Cyril lead our worship whilst on Wednesday, The Dean, Pete Wilcox, led our time of celebration.  In addition, at the Wednesday service, we were joined by a group of visitors from South Africa who have links with Wargrave C.E. School.

The theme of the services this year was ‘Celebrate bringing the Bible alive’ being supported by The Bible Society, which links in very naturally with the Bible Alive campaign. As part of the work beforehand, children across the diocese learned about and raised funds to provide ‘Proclaimer’ Bibles. Proclaimers are solar powered recordings of the Bible and are programmed with the native language of whichever African country they are sent to.  Over £4000 was raised by the children and this will provide over 100 Proclaimers Bibles.  Equally importantly each school hung prayers, written by the children, onto the special prayer tree. Representatives from The Bible Society thanked each school for their generosity during the services.

Each service began with a magnificent procession from the west end of the cathedral to the high altar with each school processing their colourful school banners. In each service the Bible reading and prayers were led with great confidence by year 6 pupils.

Cannon Malcolm Rogers, chair of governors at St Gabriel’s Huyton said:
“This was the Diocese of Liverpool at its very best. The spectacular procession of banners and seeing all the different school colours together was very moving. It gave a sense of us gathering together as a big family. The prayers were lovely and the feeling of God’s presence was powerful. The children were amazed with the building, its size and the atmosphere created a wonderful experience for them.”

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