Save Carbon to Help Climate Justice

The Bishop of Liverpool is using an electric car for his Lent Carbon Fast and to promote the Climate Justice Fund.

Bishop uses electric car as part of his Carbon Fast for Climate Justice

The Bishop of Liverpool, the Rt Rev James Jones has pledged to continue his commitment to Climate Justice by using an electric car during Lent for his public engagements across the city of Liverpool.

The car, a Mercedes Benz Electric SMART car, seating two people has been loaned by the Office for Low Vehicle Emissions. It will be ideal for the short journeys that the Bishop will need to take for his public engagements in the Liverpool area. Bishop James has being using a Honda hybrid car since early 2007 and this extends his commitment to reducing carbon emissions. The vehicle has no tail pipe emissions and is ideal for the short urban journeys where standing traffic can cause a build up of exhaust fumes.

The Bishop is using the vehicle as part of his commitment to the Carbon Fast. This was an idea of the Bishop's which was successfully launched in Liverpool 4 years ago and has been taken up by Tear Fund nationally. The Fast works through a series of simple actions that everyone can take to reduce their carbon emissions. A day by day programme takes people through a range of ideas during Lent. Practical ideas include changing to energy saving lights bulbs, using public transport where possible and mending goods rather than throwing them away.

Those taking part in the Carbon Fast have also been encouraged to donate savings they have made to the Climate Justice Fund. This fund recognizes that it is the poor and most vulnerable people in the world that suffer most from the effects of climate change. The fund helps those who make savings through a reduction in the carbon use to offer that back into projects that support those in areas directly affected by the effects of Climate Change.

Bishop James is a passionate advocator of Climate Justice and has spoken about the need for action on many occasions. The use of this car is one way he is supporting the fund. He will donate the savings made from using this car to the fund. As p a rt of his ongoing commitment Bishop James has recently installed solar panels to provide the energy for all the hot water needs at his official residence.

Bishop James said "the small changes to our lifestyle and behaviour in reducing carbon admissions and supporting the Climate Justice Fund can make a difference to the world. I hope that through my use of the electric car where I can I will encourage others to take small but vital steps for change"