Review of DPA Policy

Review of the Operation of the Designated Priority Areas Policy and Urban Priority Initiatives in the Diocese.

Diocesan Synod has asked the DBF to undertake a line by line review of its expenditure. This includes our DPA policy because:
  • The severe financial restraints that exist in the Diocese have meant cuts in most budgets yet the DPA Grants budget has stayed constant at £30K for 3 years whereas the total St James House budget has fallen by £300,000 in that period.
  • The resignation of the DPA Officer and the need to look at vacant posts creatively in cross departmental ways rather than simply the replacement of like with like.
  • The willingness of Tearfund to continue our partnership over the Discovery parish development programme, their support for our Urban Ministers & Community Development Fora but they wish for us to operate in a range of local situations.
  • The possibility of a CUF funded officer to look at faith-based community projects in all areas of the Diocese working on an ecumenical basis is being explored.
  • Do we need to carry out this activity or work?
  • Does the activity provide substantial growth value?
  • Can the activity be targeted to those most in need?
  • Can the activity be provided at lower cost (‘cost’ being measured in time as well as money)?
  • Can the activity be provided more effectively?
  • Can the activity be provided by a non-diocesan provider?
  • Can non-diocesan providers be paid to carry out the activity according to the results they achieve?
  • Can parishes/deaneries as opposed to the diocese provide the activity?
  • Does the activity/event generate net income for the diocese, even if it doesn’t provide growth value?
  • Would we incur significant reputational damage if we discontinued the activity?
Process and Timescale:
The Review will be undertaken between mid March and May 30th 2011 with a view to a report for Bishop’s Council on July 14th.

Those consulted will include:
  • The Core Group
  • The Priority Strategy Group for Areas of Multiple Deprivation
  • The Urban Ministers Forum
  • The Community Worker Forum
  • Civic Link Officers
  • The newly formed staff DPA Group
  • Area Dean & Lay Chairs with substantial DPAs in their Deaneries
Anyone involved in the Diocese and/or our work in Designated Priority Areas or Urban mission is also encouraged to respond to the Review.

Please send your comments to Ultan Russell at St James House on 0151 705 2113 or by May 30th.