Rev Canon John Taylor appointed as a Chaplain to H M The Queen

Rev Canon John Taylor’s appointment as a Chaplain to H M The Queen was announced on Monday. Currently an Area Dean in Huyton, he will be taking on this position in addition to his current responsibilities.

Rev Canon John said:

“I had a telephone call from the Bishop of Carlisle acting in his capacity as the ‘Clerk to the Closet’, saying that Bishop Paul had nominated me to be a Chaplain to H M The Queen and would I be willing to serve as such. I said it would be a great honour and then had to respond in writing. 

Later I received a letter from the Lord Chamberlain’s Office formally offering the appointment. It is thought that I will be invited to a Garden Party at the Palace in May and there I will be introduced to the Queen. I will be expected to preach once a year at the Queens Chapel of the Savoy, in London.

The congregations at both my churches in Prescot were delighted to hear the news, and I feel that it is a great honour.”