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How to apply for Reader Ministry

We take care to help all those who feel called to Reader Ministry to discern whether this is their calling. We want to make sure we have the right people with the skills and abilities to be part of this valuable ministry. 

There are five basic steps you will need to take to follow a calling to Reader Ministry.

Step One: Exploration
If you are interested first you need to talk to your incumbent. You must be attending and receiving communion on a regular basis. If you need help discerning your call then LifeCall or Directions events may help. 

You can find latest events on our events pages

Step 2: Consulting your parish
You will need your parish's support so your incumbent will speak to key people in your church and your PCC will need to give solid support.

Step 3: Applying and selection
If you have the call and support of your parish you will need to apply. You can find all the forms you need on this page. Complete them and return them to St James House. We consider them and, if we feel you are being called, we will ask you to come to a selection event. These are normally in May.

Step 4: Selected for Training
If you are selected for training we will tell you soon after the selection event. You will then be asked to register on the All Saints Reader Training course. All Saints will invite you to a meeting with the Director of Studies

Step 5: Training and ministering in our diocese
Reader training will take you four years to complete and will give you a thorough grounding in the theological and practical aspects of Reader Ministry. You will be supported throughout by the Director of Studies. You can find out more on our training page

After two years study if we receive satisfactory college reports then you will be licenced as Reader by the Bishop. You will need to agree to on-going training, have a Working Agreement with your parish and commit to our Ministerial Development Review process. As part of this we will encourage you to attend our Summer Study evenings and the Bishop's Conference for Readers in November.

We want to make sure we have the right people with the skills and abilities to be part of this valuable ministry.


New Readers

Application Form Deadlines 2018

Closing date for applications 30th March 2018

Reader interviews 12th May 2018 - St James' House 


Warden of Readers
Spencer Webster
0151 424 1773

Central Services
Debbie Evans
0151 705 2130
Sam Stanford
0151 705 2106

Director of Studies
Revd Peter Whittington
0151 705 2816