READ MARK LEARN – Liverpool Diocesan Readers Conference

It was an exceptional weekend for Liverpool Diocesan Readers, who came out in force for the new bishop’s installation and annual Readers’ Conference.

Last Saturday more than half of the Diocesan Reader Association’s 300 members processed or were in the congregation for the installation of Bishop Paul in Liverpool Cathedral.

Warden of Readers Spen Webster said: ‘What a wonderful sight and a wonderful service. The Spirit was definitely at work, and that special atmosphere inspired our Readers and spilled over into our time together on Sunday.’

On Sunday, more than 100 Readers gathered for the Annual Bishop of Warrington's Diocesan Reader Day Conference at the Select Stadium Conference Centre, Widnes.

Dean Pete from Liverpool Cathedral spoke on the theme ‘Read Mark Learn’ – focussing on discipleship and miracles in Mark’s Gospel.

Spen added: ‘It was a truly inspirational, challenging, yet reassuring journey through Mark's Gospel given by a truly inspirational speaker.’

The conference ended with a celebration of Holy Communion during which Spen led reflection and meditation on Mark 1:1-4 ‘Prepare the way’ and Mark 16:1-8 ‘Go and tell’.

Both speakers reminded delegates of their calling to prepare, preach and teach the gospel in the communities where God has called them to serve.

The Reader Association sent donations to the Diocesan Christmas poster campaign and the Reader Missionary Fellowship overseas.

Those present showed their appreciation to fellow Reader Arthur Cooper and Wendy Pooley, Administrator for Lifelong Learning at St James House for their work in organising this event.

It was a fitting conclusion to a great weekend for everyone who was privileged enough to attend both events.

Dean Pete's Powerpoint presentation and Spen Webster's reflection and meditation are available on the Diocesan website, in the 'Reader' section'.