Priesting Ordinations - 2009

The Diocese celebrates the ordination of 19 Deacons to the presbyteriate on Sunday June 7th.

Bishop David will be ordaining into the presbyteriate 19 Deacons in a service at the Cathedral on June 7th. The service, which is expected to be attended by thousands of worshippers from across the diocese, marks the next important step for the candidates in their journey with Christ.

Please pray for

Stipendiary Ministers

Rev Penny Andrews
St Peter, Woolton

Rev Amanda Bruce
St Mark, Haydock

Rev David Eastwood
St Philip, Westbrook

Rev Simon Elliott
St Luke, Crosby

Rev Robert Fielding
St Peter, Formby

Rev Ian Gallagher
St Mary, Walton

Rev Frank Hinds
Pioneer Youth Minister

Rev Hugh Lea-Wilson
St Stephen, Gateacre

Rev Ellen Loudon
St Peter and St John Chrystostom, Everton

Non-Stipendary Ministers

Rev Peter Cowley
St Mary, Prescot

Rev Jean Flood
St Paul, Fazakerley

Rev Stan Higginson
St Michael, Wigan

Rev Dr Sue Lucas
St Margaret, Anfield

Rev Michelle Montrose
St Mary, West Derby

Rev Cathy Porter
St John the Divine, Fairfield

Ordained Local Ministers

Rev Caroline Batey
Holy Trinity, Warrington

Rev Maureen Harrison
St Michael, Sutton (Sutton Team)

Rev Christina Nicholson
All Hallows, Atherton (Mossley Hill Team)

Rev Sandra Trapnell
Good Shepherd, West Derby

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A Warm Welcome

Welcome from the Chair of the House of Clergy

To our newly to be ordained sisters and brothers,

On behalf of the presbyterate of the Diocese may I assure you of our prayers and support as you are ordained on Sunday. What better day to be ordained than on the Feast of the Holy Trinity when we are reminded that our God is a flow of relationships between Father, Son and Holy Spirit - and ourselves. Brilliantly captured by the Icon of Andre Rubelev which speaks so eloquently across the confessonal divide.

As we knelt before our ordaining bishop we also experienced that all too human mix of hopeful faith and hesitant doubt. For your consolation and encouragement you have before you the images of the Eleven (Matt 28:16-20) and those who have inspired you thus far in your pilgrimage of faith. Rest assured that each one of you can confidently stand on Sunday knowing the Risen Jesus has entrusted his inclusive mission into your hands.

Lord, how can man preach they eternall word word?

He is a brittle crazie glass;
Yet in they temple thou dost him afford
This glorious and transcendent place
To be a window, through thy grace.
(from George Herbert "The Windows")

May you and all who come to share your joy on Sunday be greatly blessed.

Nicholas Anderson
Chair of the House of Clergy