Poppy cascade in Halewood and Hunts Cross

Kate Cooper explained why for the last twelve months people have been knitting and crocheting for England (Well at least for Halewood and Hunts Cross!)

 “Last November I was moved by a knitted poppy cascade at Oakvale URC church, modelled on the installation at the Tower of London that then came to St George's Hall. I suggested to Alison that her knitted angels project, which was already underway, could be augmented by knitting and crocheting poppies too. Oakvale kindly provided some patterns and I have been amazed and delighted by the response. People not only from from all three churches in the team but also up and down the country have produced a grand total of 1718 poppies - far more than our original target of 1000. These have now been assembled by Linda West, Christabel Hardman and myself into three installations: cascades from the pulpits of St Nicholas' and St Hilda's, and a poppy drape on the large cross at St Mary's. We have also been able to put in some extra touches with remaining poppies.

My heartfelt thanks to all who have contributed to this, as well as to Linda and Christabel for the design and actually tying on each individual poppy with me. It has been a real Halewood and Hunts Cross (and friends!) Team effort. I hope that you will agree that the result is a fitting tribute to those whose lives and suffering we remember at this time. Please do try to see the various installations as they are all different - they will be in place until Advent and will then be stored to use in the future.”

As well as the stunning poppy installation, the team also have over 1200 knitted angels which will be distributed around Halewood early in December. The angels will be accompanied by a short poem and by details of the Christmas Services at St Mary’s and St Nicholas as well as at local RC churches. St Marks and Holy Family.

This has been an amazing effort with many many people from local churches and community as well as friends from further afield involved in the knitting.

More pictures of the poppy cascades and some of our angels can be found on Halewood Parish Facebook page.