Pitch perfect with Archbishop Blanch School choir

Heather Duggan, headteacher at Archbishop Blanch School, explains the importance of school choirs and how they can promote Christian values.

School choirs are an outstanding way to celebrate Christian values in schools.
At Archbishop Blanch School, our choir is going from strength to strength. We are dedicated to investing time and effort into the choir because we truly believe that the Christian morals embedded in choral activity are extremely beneficial to our pupils.

We believe in promoting values that help our pupils make a bigger difference in the community as well as in themselves. With 98 members to date, the choir is one of the school's most sought after extra-curricular clubs and gives pupils the opportunity to learn new skills, make new friends and bring joy to the community.

Singing in church services, including performing at our Cathedral, has allowed pupils to actively participate in worship alongside their school curriculum.

Our choir’s repertoire includes traditional choral songs and hymns that are embedded with both Christian values and British tradition. Hymns like Blake’s ‘Jerusalem’ are heavily rooted in British culture and we are thrilled to provide pupils with the opportunity to sing songs that are framed by Britain’s great poets and writers. ‘Jerusalem’ played a major part in the London 2012 opening ceremony as did music from Dizzee Rascal, Amy Winehouse and The Who. Performing classical music alongside today’s chart hits means that the choir is able to show that religion has a huge place in modern society whilst making it accessible to a wider audience.

At Archbishop Blanch, we feel that song is a universal language - this makes it an extra-curricular activity that is open to everybody. Our music department emphasises that there are no entry requirements and no special equipment is needed. All we ask is that pupils bring their voice and their passion for performance. Through learning and performing in the choir, pupils have the chance to explore Christianity as part of an extra-curricular activity. We believe that anybody can sing and we are so proud to have such a popular school club that encourages inclusion and builds confidence.
The popularity of our choir is testament to the school’s dedication to upholding traditional British custom and the values of the Church of England. Our pupils enjoy how the choir encourages Christian ways of sharing thoughts, experiences and emotions.

While recognising individuality, choirs bring a wide group of singers together to create one song. The Archbishop Blanch School choir unites almost 100 pupils in a strong Christian community where they are able to share the gift of song with their friends, the school and the community.
We are excited to be welcomed into more communities across the city to perform and celebrate through music.
Hear the choir perform
The Archbishop Blanch choir have recorded several videos which are available on Youtube. Here is their rendition of 'Something Inside So Strong':