Pastoral Reorganisation

West Derby Benefice - St Anne Stanley with St Paul Stoneycroft

The Church Commissioners have now made the Church Buildings Scheme affecting this benefice.

The scheme is in 3 parts:

Part 1, effective from 1st December 2016, provides for
  • the union of the parish of St Anne Stanley and the parish of St Paul Stoneycroft
  • the benefice and new parish name will be altered to the benefice/parish of St Anne, Stanley and St Paul Stoneycroft
  • the church of St Anne Stanley shall be the parish church of the new parish.

Parts 11 and 111 of the Church Buildings Scheme have now been brought into effect by an Instrument of Determination.
This provides for the parish church of St Paul Stoneycroft (the building) to be declared closed for regular public worship and for the LDBF to lease the building to the Coptic Orthodox Church.
This became effective on 14th March 2017.