Parish Giving Scheme is a win win proposition

Imagine an ideal situation where all planned givers gave electronically to their church, the gift aid if applicable was claimed automatically and each year, if the giver agreed, the amount of giving was increased by inflation. Well, you can stop imagining because this is now possible with the Parish Giving Scheme.

130 representatives from 90 churches have now attended presentations given by Cath Gaskell, Finance Resources Officer. The presentations have demonstrated the Parish Giving Scheme to be an excellent, free scheme that will free up volunteers time, reduce administration, tackle static levels of giving and with automatic claim of applicable Gift Aid improve cash flow for all their churches.

Many Church members, tax payers and non taxpayers who currently give by all existing methods , Standing Order, Envelopes and Open Plate have found that the move to the Parish Giving Scheme is easy and straightforward and really only involves filling out a Gift Form ( Direct Debit Mandate) available from their churches Parish Giving Scheme representative.

Cath said “It has been my absolute pleasure to meet and speak to all of the lovely people who attended and to be able to provide them with something positive to take back to their churches.”

If you missed the presentations then further information is available on the Parish Giving Scheme pages of the website. Link box to the right. If you would like to have a chat with Cath about the scheme please email