Our new website

The next stage in making it easier to get the information you need

Over Christmas we launched our brand new website. With a fresh look, and a fundamental rethink over how it’s structured, the site gives clear information to help the casual visitor and committed parishioner. It is still work in progress. So far we have edited information from our previous site, dramatically reducing the amount of pages, and constructing something for more useful for parishes.

Over the next few weeks we will do a more detailed guide to the site.  But for now an overview.

Our aim has been to produce something that is focussed on you, the user. Our research revealed three main types of user.

The casual visitor. Someone maybe dipping their toe into faith matters, looking for a church or wanting to know how to organise a wedding, baptism or funeral.

Someone interested in us. In our diocese, our bishops, our work and wanting to know more.

Our parishes. Clergy, Readers, Churchwardens and the 100s of volunteers in our parishes seeking the information to help the mission and ministry of their parish.

We’ve structured our site with that in mind. So we have three key sections.

Just Looking: A place for those curious about the church, wanting to organise baptisms weddings and funerals and to find a church

About our diocese: Find out more about the Diocese of Liverpool, who we are, what we do, who we connect to and what we stand for.

Making it Easier: The main section for our parishes and those who serve in them. This is where we have sections that make it easier for you to run every aspect of your parish.
As well as this we have  one place to find news and the major events to support you in 2014, an updated list of current vacancies as well as information about our senior clergy and all those vital contact details.

Stuart Haynes, Director of Communications said “we’re really pleased with the new site. It’s fresh, clear and should help people find the information they need quickly and easily. We’ve carried out a mammoth task to get our site to this point but the work has not stopped. We’re committed to work through the site section by section during 2014 so we can make it even easier for you to get what you need.”

Next week we start to look at the site in detail by diving straight into the Making it Easier section.