Our Growth Conversation: Growing Giving

Continuing the conversation on how we can continue to follow the growth agenda and look to become a bigger church making a bigger difference we are breaking down the different areas of the consultation document. This week we look at growing giving

'Ageing money – and the need to promote realistic and generous giving.' is identified in the Growth Conversation paper as being one of our key challenges. 

Our action and achievements so far on this topic has included growing our giving base – we have the highest levels of regular giving we have had. The average regular giver now gives £9.50 a week.

The terrific success of the Parish Giving Scheme has seen benefits including stable and often increased planned giving – offsetting ‘static’ giving, efficient reclaim of Gift Aid and protection against inflation by church members choosing to increase their gift annually by inflation rate. Read more here   

We need to continue to work diligently in this area.
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Are you clear about growing giving? Is this the reality that you see in your congregation, your parish, your church? Give us your views.