Our Diocesan Secretary reflects on his role in Renewal and Reform

Mike Eastwood, who took up his secondment as Director of the Church of England’s Renewal and Reform programme last month, has written a reflection on the programme which formed part of General Synod’s agenda this week.

Narratives of hope
In an article on the Church of England Communications blog, he strongly defends Renewal and Reform’s aspiration to:

"reverse the decline of the Church of England so that we become a growing church, in every region and for every generation; a church open to and for everyone in England, building up the Body of Christ and working for the common good; a confident Church, equipping new generations of leaders, ordained and lay, for ministry and mission.”
Mike writes:

“I think the church needs narratives of hope. And I think Renewal and Reform is and needs to be that narrative of hope – not some delusional statement of all that would be nice but a serious-minded attempt to move to a new and different future.”

He continues:

“But Renewal and Reform cannot simply be a matter of internal reprioritisation or institutional reform. It must be about God’s work of transformation in and through God’s people and God’s world and our attendant need prayerfully to discern and join in with how and where God is leading. So it must and will look at issues of evangelism, of discipleship, of lay ministry and leadership, of inclusion, of the difference Christians make, and through diocesan plans of much else besides. It must be about mutual learning and sharing.”

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