Ordinations in the Diocese of Liverpool

Having completed his first two ordinations in our diocese we asked Bishop Paul for his reflections on these special occasions in the life of church and individual Christians. He told us

"An ordination is a great time for a party, and a whooping celebration; but at its heart is a stillness and a mystery.

In each ordination service I say this to the candidates: "You cannot bear the weight of this calling in your own strength, but only by the grace and power of God. Pray therefore that your heart may daily be enlarged and your understanding of the Scriptures enlightened. Pray earnestly for the gift of the Holy Spirit.“

And as I say them to the candidates, I hear them also for myself. To be ordained in the service of God’s people is an enormous privilege, and our newly ordained priests and deacons are ready for it. They are ready because they know that only with God’s help can they fulfil the commitments they have made. In a famous phrase, they (like all ministers) are “ready, willing and unable” - unable to do on their own what only God can do, but able to do all things in Christ, who gives them strength.

This year we have two fabulous cohorts of newly ordained ministers – twenty-two of them, two football teams of sparkling new ministry. And each one of them needs the indwelling Holy Spirit, as every Christian does. Please continue to pray for them, and for all God’s ministers lay and ordained, as the future unfolds."

You can see all the photos from both our Priesting and Deaconing ordinations online on our Facebook page.

Experience the ordinations in five minutes. Watch our unique timelapse video here.

Ordinations 2015 - A timelapse video from Diocese of Liverpool on Vimeo.

Next week we explore the stories and calling or our new deacons

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