Olympic fun for Church, school and community partnership

The community at All Saints Rainford came together for a fun filled day of togetherness in the sunshine as they held their first Olympic Family Fun Day, in a wonderful example of partnership.

Love, Peace, Trust, Friendship & Forgiveness was the theme of the day starting with an Education Service on the Sunday morning. The service focused on peoples struggles in life but how through gritted determination, enormous achievement can be made and in the end it is the taking part that counts and not the winning.

Andrew Rigby wrote:

"It was a great day of fellowship with over 55 people young and old taking part in the games. There were also many others who just came to have a picnic, watch the games and soak up the amazing atmosphere.

Today ‘Mission’ is a much-used word.  We hear of fact-finding missions and rescue missions, businesses have mission statements and the language of space exploration and Hollywood films reverberates with the terminology of mission – be it possible or impossible!  There is no doubt that it is a grand word but our mission as a church was very much evident in the day’s events.  It really showed how much All Saints has to offer to our community, how we can connect with those outside of regular Sunday worship and God was definitely looking over us as the sign of the cross appeared in the sky above (caused by the trail from two planes).

But events like these don’t just happen themselves and especially not without a good team of willing helpers and strong and creative leadership.  A big thank you to all those that made this day such a great success and in particular to Janet whose creative vision, foresight and drive made this day happen.

Here’s to the next ‘Fun’ day!"