Night of the Living Dead at St Paul's Stoneycroft

St Paul’s Stoneycroft attracted more than 70 people to a unique service that engaged with people’s fear of death and fascination with the ‘spirit world’.

Night of the Living Dead, which took place on November 2nd,  used the spaces of the church, atmospheric lighting, music, smoke and sound and used the talents of the congregation to put the event together. St. Paul’s took inspiration from a similar event staged at Liverpool Cathedral in 2012.  
The event drew people from the two parishes St Anne Stanley and St Paul’s Stoneycroft who worked together to make it happen. A range of new hidden talents were discovered – including acting. 
The service included a dramatic staged version of the raising of Lazarus and an exploration of the key themes and bible teaching. People of all ages took part, and young people also got involved in prayer stations.

Tim Watson from Liverpool Cathedral said: “It was brilliant to see a pioneering alternative worship mission initiative like this being used in parishes. A service like this shows both the mission potential for new ways of worship, and the way in which, by working as a team to put it on, a new sense of community can emerge in parishes and deaneries.”