Next steps as we continue on our journey to be Fit for Mission

We continue exploring and listening to the views of clergy and parishes as we work to discern the shape of our archdeaconries in order to be to be Fit for Mission.

Parishes across our diocese are being urged to discuss the ideas around new Archdeaconry boundaries and feed back your views as we work towards the next stage in forming proposals for the future. To move this forward we need responses by July 24th
"We’re open to hearing your view” explains Archdeacon Ricky “and already we have made modifications to our initial ideas based on reasoned, thoughtful feedback from parishes.”
The direction we are moving in was given strong approval at our last Diocesan Synod in March. This allowed us to work on the details of the four archdeaconry areas that we are now proposing. Synod also endorsed our efforts to recruit 3 Archdeacons giving a mandate to look for the finance to fund these mission critical roles.
Since Synod gave approval to the direction of travel we have been working hard to shape the broad concept.  So we have had discussions among senior clergy, at Bishops Council, Deanery Synod, Clergy Chapters and in the parishes. This step is our on-going listening and exploring of the provisional plan to see what will work and what we may have to alter slightly.
Once this is complete we will be working to launch a formal proposal (and we are considering October for this). Nearer the time we will publish details of the formal consultation process.
“Change is needed and is going to happen. We’re clear about that.” Said Ricky “ How it does depends on how we all as a diocese explore this in a prayerful positive manner. We’re listening – we just need you to express your thoughts”.
Now is the time to have your say
We want to listen to all views so email the archdeacons with your thoughts. Contact

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The Archdeacons
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We need your views by July 24th

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Recruiting Archdeacons

We have launched our recruitment for 3 new Archdeacon Designates as part of this process. We need the right people in place to be able to start to become fit for mission. We know that we don’t have all the detail in place which is why we have been circumspect over the nature of this recruitment. But we are determined to find leaders who will help us continue to be strong and fit for mission. 

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