Mothers' Union Celebrates 140th Anniversary

Celebrating its 140th anniversary, Mothers’ Union returned to the diocese of Winchester where it all began in the home of its founder, Mary Sumner.

The event was so popular, attracting over 3,000 people, that two celebration services were held in the stunning setting of Winchester Cathedral. The Archbishop of Canterbury addressed the second congregation of the day saying how he and Caroline know first- hand how the vision of Mary Sumner ‘fills many families and individuals with hope, help and a future where people are lonely, lost, empty or suffering’ His message was an affirmation of the many projects which empower women, educate children and transform communities around the world.
At the general meeting it was a thrill to welcome the traditional choir from Zambia to inspire our worship. The powerful dramatization of the life of Mary Sumner by a group of young actors from the Saltmine Trust Theatre Company was a reminder of the fortitude and passion she had for stable family life and the well-being of children. These values are demonstrated today in Mothers’ Union, which campaigns against gender based violence, trafficking and the hugely successful lobbying for policy change in regard to the sexualisation and commercialisation of children, known as the Bye Buy Childhood Campaign.

Photo - June Houghton, Diocesan President and Marion Simmons Chaplain with a singer from the Zambian choir at the meeting in Winchester.

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