New monthly 'Prayers of Remembrance' launched across Kirkby

Kirkby churches have launched 'Prayers of Remembrance' on the first Wednesday of each month.

Churches in Kirkby are offering the local community the chance to take time out and remember their loved ones on the first Wednesday of each month from 2-4pm.

‘Prayers of Remembrance’ allows people time to have their own space and be still and quiet in church, with the option of saying prayers, and talking with someone confidentially if they wish.

It is open to everyone – and especially those who do not usually attend church. People can simply drop in. The next Prayers of Remembrance takes place on Wednesday 2nd May at St. Andrew’s Church, Towerhill.

Prayers of Remembrance is organised in conjunction with the Kirkby parish bereavement group, who can also offer longer term personal one to one support at home.

Rev Jayne VanDenBerg-Owens (right) from St Martin’s Church in Southdene, Kirkby said, “Grief can be a funny thing, and it doesn’t matter how long it was since you lost someone. You can be fine for weeks and then it can suddenly come flooding back. Prayers for Remembrance is open to anyone who just wants some quiet time and space to remember their loved ones. We can also provide a confidential, listening ear, as sometimes it is difficult to talk about our grief with those closest to us. Those who have attended so far have said that they really value having some dedicated time set aside to remember their loved ones.”

For more information, please contact Jayne VanDenBerg-Owens:
Telephone: 0151 721 6814
Mobile: 07828 701 890

Prayers for Remembrance will take place on the following dates this year:

Wed 2nd May - St. Andrew’s Church, Towerhill
Wed 6th June - St. Chad’s Church, Westvale
Wed 4th July - St. Mark’s Church, Northwood
Wed 1st August - St. Martin’s Church, Southdene
Wed 5th September - St. Andrew’s Church, Towerhill
Wed 3rd October - St. Chad’s Church, Westvale
Sunday 4th November - St. Chad’s at 3.00pm, St. Mark’s at 4.00pm, St. Andrews at 6.30pm St. Martin’s at 6.30pm
Wed 5th December - St. Mark’s Church, Northwood