New Era of Worship for Kensington and Fairfield

Community members of the Kensington and Fairfield areas of Liverpool are celebrating the creation of a new parish.

Community members of the Kensington and Fairfield areas of Liverpool are celebrating the creation of a new parish.

Former congregations from St John the Divine Fairfield, St Mary’s Edge Hill, St Cyprian with Christ Church Toxteth, and St Philip with St David have come together to become the parish of All Saints.

The new parish will have two buildings – the All Saints Worship Centre Kensington (previously St Philip with St David) with worship each Sunday at 11am and All Saints Parish Church (previously St Mary’s Edge Hill) with worship at 10.15am.

Rev Mike Coates will take on the title Vicar of All Saints Kensington and Rev Andrew Porter will take on the title of Vicar of All Saints Liverpool, but the two will lead the parish jointly alongside three ordained clergy, two further ministers in training, four Readers and two Readers in training.

Rev Andrew Porter said, “This change was not something imposed on us; the idea for the new parish came from the congregations themselves, who, over the past seven years have built up strong relationships.

“This is very much seen as an opportunity for growth and to enable the new parish to be better able to serve the local community. The opportunities for growth are almost endless and the name ‘All Saints’ reflects the unity of purpose driving that growth.”

The Parish Church and the Worship centre will each explore very different flavours and styles of worship. The Parish Church will follow a more liturgical style whilst the Worship Centre will be more interactive and visual in style.

Rev Mike Coates said, “We will be working hard to connect the different congregations and that will involve a single Sunday morning act of worship once a month when we will come together in celebration.”

The new parish is committed to reaching out both to those who have some past connection or loose affiliation with church, and also to those who no history of church at all.

Whilst ensuring a clear commitment to develop and grow the established church services, the new parish is also fully committed to new ‘Fresh Expressions’ of church. There is a clear commitment to creating church in the community particularly in the margins of society.

The new parish has already developed church in local schools for children and families, in homes and is effective in reaching those within the community often excluded. There is even a church community in a local pub.

Andrew said, “By enabling our community to take ownership of the way that church is organised, we are also enabling growth.” Mike added, “These are changing economic times and the church has to be ready to become even more active in supporting and serving the community. It seems that God has brought us to this point to be ready and now we wait with excitement about where he is taking us. “

Projects for the future include working alongside other local churches in developing a Street Pastors team, strengthening already established ecumenical links. Andrew said, “Prayer is key to the future growth, we do not carry God round but go where he already is actively loving people and responding to God’s call to love and serve.”

“We believe we have the right people at the right time to grow this church community.” added Andrew.